bp_2015_06_17The sporadic episodes of Comic Chunk are the results of some deadlines coming up for projects. Sorry about that, folks. Anyway…

I’ve been watching Naruto lately. Like a lot of people, I’d watch it now and then on tv, and I thought I’d fill in the gaps I’d missed. My girlfriend smartly teased me that most people go through their Naruto phase as teenagers.

People hate it for its popularity, and it’s surely far from perfect; for one, it suffers from the quality hiccups and elongation tricks that all long shounen series that run concurrent to their manga do. On the other hand, it presents a ton of different characters with discernible designs! And it throws a ton of stuff at you! There’s lots of powers, beasts, and a neat anachronistic world.

It’s kinda junk food, but sometimes you need a little grease.

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