Hey look! It’s all of Defensow. This is the story in the Cloudscape Comics anthology Mega Fauna. Initially I was only showing the first couple pages, but all the contributors have permission to show their stories in their entirety otherwise, and I think having only a couple pages shown here has been hurting my ability to get other comic jobs.

Speaking of other jobs, I’ve been slower to release new Comic Chunks because I’ve been busy with those tasks, and I need about a week to really bear down on them. Don’t expect to see a new CC until then. A great way to be alerted to the next one is adding this page to your RSS or following me on Twitter.

I’d love to hear from you guys in the comments or on my Twitter. Maybe my email? Lemme know what you think. Are there subjects you’d like me to study and make comics about? That’s a great way to tell me as well.