bp_2016_03_03See? Not months, just a month… ish. Anyway, onward to a fluffy post.

I’ve watched a bunch of good movies of late. Two are real standouts.

Wolf Children seemed a movie that people talked a lot about and then stopped. At the time, people were regarding him as Miyazaki’s heir-apparent in terms of heart and quality. The comparison is justified (though the movie is more of a Takahata style, in my opinion). It’s about the troubles a woman has raising two werewolves. You can relate it to real circumstances, though, of having things to hide and struggling to get by. Everyone should see Wolf Children.

I also finally got around to seeing The Wind Rises. In contrast to WC, this movie might not be for everyone because it’s long and it’s about creative passion. It probably also slants real figures from history to being more sympathetic. With all that said, it’s gorgeous. There’s so much love and craftsmanship in this movie. The adult romance was refreshing to see as well. For me, it skirted the edge of melodrama without taking a dunk.

Both Wolf Children and The Wind Rises moved me to tears. This was not entirely from the content of the story. While I struggle these days not to get crushed by a grim melange of life and my own head-space, that such fine things are being made in this style truly moved me. It can be hard to feel positive about life, but at least these artworks gifted me a rare feeling of gratitude.