bp_2015_04_20I don’t think it’s any secret that I likes me some tabletop games. Among those, I have a long tradition with Dungeons & Dragons. I was surprised recently to find that more D&D movies had been made beyond the first two.

Now I merely regard the first one – the theatrical release with Jeremy Irons – to be a bad movie and a disappointment. The second movie, Wrath of the Dragon God is actually pretty entertaining and should be relatively satisfying for those who play the game. A lot of D&Dey things are done including using magic items, searching for secret doors, and so on. Obviously, there could have been more monsters, and it was a weird decision to make a black dragon breathe fire considering the rest of the movie so obviously was catering to a niche. On the whole, I say, “See it!”

So this third movie is The Book of Vile Darkness. Straight from it’s opening motion graphics, you can see that this one is going to be far less ambitious. There are even fewer monsters. The book itself is really a secondary MacGuffin to a storyline about a young would-be knight infiltrating an immoral mercenary band in order to rescue his father. The story has a darker tone and contains nudity and sexuality not found in the prior movies. Despite a real anti-climax, I put this as ‘just okay’. It’s better than the first movie and might make casual enjoyment for dedicated gamers.

For kicks, I tried to take a longer look at the animated Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, but it didn’t hold my interest any longer than when it first came out. (S’pretty bad!)


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